Hexagon Smart M.App

Hexagon Smart M.App transforms the way we work with geographic information. Smart M.Apps are lightweight,…

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Remote Sensing

Hexagon Geospatial’s robust remote sensing solution enables you to unearth deep information from imagery, terrain,…

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Hexagon Geospatial’s photogrammetry products enable you to transform large quantities of raw spatial information to…

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Hexagon Geospatial’s complete GIS package is a flexible solution for creating, updating, managing and analyzing…

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Hexagon Smart M.App live in The Netherlands & Belgium. Register now!

Join us for an overview of Smart M.Apps! This full day seminar is designed to provide you with insights on the Smart M.Apps technology and also equips you to participate in the IGNITE challenge – an opportunity to build an innovative Hexagon Smart M.App.

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7 Reasons to Attend the IGNITE Session

Need to be convinced? Click just below to know more.

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Imagem present at the Water Info Day 2016

Imagem is this year present at the Water Info Day in Den Bosch, The Netherlands

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Registration form Smart M.App Ignite Challenge

Register today to be certain of this unique opportunity to work alongside Hexagon Geospatial staff and and Imagem to conceptualize ideas, and also dig into the M.App Studio to learn how to build these unique and targeted applications. Experience what value Smart M.App can offer your organization.

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Introducing Smart M.Apps at CoP21 side event

During the United Nations’ Climate Summit held in Paris in 2015, Imagem introduced Smart M.Apps as a powerful communication tool to get a clearer picture of the impacts of actions undertaken in the context of GHG emissions’ reduction and ultimately foster better informed ones.

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Getting a Clear Picture of Dutch Municipal Road Networks

City leaders strive to establish effective policies and strategies that pave the way for better urban experiences. To achieve this across strategic, tactical and operational levels, much thought and action are afforded to implementing systems that efficiently harness and manage the full life cycle of public assets.

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New support portal live!

Imagem has released their new online support portal. From now on, you can check the status of your calls online at any time, and react to them if needed. You will have to register once to get access, after which you will receive your own login credentials.

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Smart Cities and Smart M.App® at SCEWC Barcelona, Nov 17-19 2015

Hexagon Geospatial was present at this major event to introduce the Dynamic Monitor for SmartCity Road Knowledge Smart M.App®.

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3D Asset management with GeoMedia 3D 2015.1

Hexagon Geospatial released the version 2015.1 of GeoMedia 3D. This module also supports point clouds in .HPC format. Along with it come new opportunities, such as the dynamic analysis of visibility and asset management in 3D.

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Into the heterogeneous age of geospatial information

The use of geographic information systems is changing, this is described in this blog

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